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We’re a group of people writing to let off steam about current events, social situations, and whatever else we just have to let out so we don’t explode and make a big mess.

Our interests are wide-ranging, from politics and the economy to sports, music, art, healing, matters of faith and more. We hope you’ll find something of interest to you here.



I just sat down and read my post on Mom’s message about eternity. Not only did it bring me to tears as I felt her come close to me, but I realized that I never wrote about her message from beyond the veil about joy…nearly four years ago! “You need to do that,” she says …


Here we will post galleries of art inspired by the book of Revelation and more by resident artist, Hanasazi, and perhaps from other artists with something to say through their art as well. If that sounds like you, send us an email and we’ll review your art to see if it’s a good fit with our site.


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